A perfect wellness experience awaits you at Hotel Gemma. In our pleasant and charming Relax Lounge, the motto is “less is more”. With an indoor pool, two saunas, and a cosy relaxation area, you will still find everything you need to unwind. Outside, you can deepen your relaxation in the garden and on the sun terrace.

Pool and panoramic saunas

Here you can relax with a view! Take a dip in our indoor pool, whether in summer or winter, and warm up in the two saunas while your gaze wanders into the distance.

Garden and sun terrace

Experience well-being for all the senses. In the private garden around the large sun terrace, the water gently splashes, your mind comes to rest, and the sun warms your soul.

Lebensfeuer for your health

Do something good for yourself! An evaluation of your vitality status provides you with information on how you can optimally arrange your holidays and everyday life to maintain your life energy.