Hirschegg all year round

Holidays don’t always have to take place in high season – on the contrary! Hirschegg and Kleinwalsertal offer numerous leisure activities all year round. Deliberately take advantage of the low seasons, and you will be amazed! And, above all, you will be able to enjoy the holiday region in a much more carefree and stress-free way.

The Walser Omgang trails

We especially recommend the vitality trails all year round and the cross-country trails of the Walser Omgang in winter. Depending on your physical constitution, which we will determine together during a professional Lebensfeuer measurement at Hotel Gemma, the trails and cross-country ski trails will give you the inspiration that will kick-start your revitalisation.

Holidays in Kleinwalsertal: summer, autumn, winter, spring

Vitality trails: perfect in spring, summer, and autumn

Choose between eight different paths where the name refers to the effect:

  • Find your way
  • Follow the course of life
  • Discover the hidden
  • Recognise your limits
  • Get to know yourself
  • Free yourself
  • Discover the diversity of life
  • The nothing

Cross-country ski trails in winter

  • Schwende cross-country ski trail
  • Steinbock cross-country ski trail
  • Küren-Wäldele-Egg cross-country ski trail at Hotel Gemma

Our recommendations

In addition to Walser Omgang, Kleinwalsertal offers countless experiences in all seasons.

  • Learn about history on the Walser cultural trails and about our valley, which is only accessible from Germany but belongs to Austria
  • Experience the annual Alpabtrieb (transhumance)
  • Listen to concerts and traditional evenings 
  • Take part in the Alphorn Days and immerse yourself in an exciting world of sound
  • And so much more!

We would be happy to help you in your planning – just contact us!