Alpine cuisine

Our Alpine valley of Kleinwalsertal is a treasure trove for gourmets. The pleasant altitude and the protection from the surrounding high mountains give a variety of herbs and grasses the perfect environment to grow and flourish. In our herb garden, you can see the green diversity for yourself. In the evening, as part of the pampering half board, you will find these herbs in the dishes prepared by host and chef Rita, where they add a refined touch to the Alpine delicacies.

Culinary delights at Gemma

At the same time, nature’s gifts form the basis for nourishing the animals of the many small farms in our valley and the neighbouring region of Allgäu. You can taste this – in the fine cheese creations, the best fish, meat, sausages, and much more. That’s why for our Alpine cuisine, we always source fresh and high-quality ingredients directly from the surrounding area.

The cuisine of our hotel in Kleinwalsertal: 4-stars

Our fresh food suppliers

Fruit and vegetables

We get seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables from Obst Häusler in Immenstadt in Allgäu. Like us, this fresh produce specialist makes sure to get the colourful fruits and veggies from farms nearby. This is the best way to ensure quality and taste.


Pilz Lenz in Wolfurt near Bregenz is our trusted mushroom supplier. Here we get everything the forest offers, from fine classics like champignons to seasonal specialities like chanterelles and exquisite truffles.

Milk and dairy products

The finest dairy products, such as fresh milk, buttermilk, yoghurt, butter, and mountain cheese, come from Walser Buura, an association of farmers, producers, and processors of products that come from Kleinwalsertal. Other suppliers include the company Speckbacher in Reutte and Land-Steudler GmbH in Oberstdorf. At the breakfast buffet, you will experience pure culinary bliss!


We get the free-range chicken eggs we use in the kitchen from Martinshof farm in Buch, Vorarlberg.


Like our dairy products, we also buy top quality meat from Walser Buura, which sources all the products from Kleinwalsertal. In addition, we get excellent meat and sausages from Adolf Baur, a butcher’s shop in Allgäu. They have their own slaughterhouse, which was given the “Bundesehrenpreis” award for supreme quality in the German food industry.


The fish farm in Heimertingen in Allgäu supplies us with local freshly caught fish. We especially like to serve trout and char.

Ice cream

The ice cream is made only a short distance away: Roman Feurstein’s Miluh Gelato Naturale ice cream shop is located in Riezlern, the neighbouring village of Hirschegg. Only the finest mountain farm milk from the area is used here.

Bread and pastries

We get our bread and pastries from the company Resch&Frisch, which sources the GMO-free basic ingredients from Austria. Our rolls are baked fresh daily for our guests.