Sous chef

Sous chef

immediately or by arrangement
annual position

You will work closely with the chef de cuisine as their deputy and will support with all daily processes. In the absence of the chef de cuisine, you will be responsible for all operations in the kitchen. Your duties will include organisation of the kitchen, staff management, goods management, ensuring hygiene is maintained, and modelling exemplary behaviour towards all colleagues.

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  • Successful completion of professional qualification (chef)
  • At least 2–3 years’ professional experience
  • Organisational talent
  • Aptitude as a trainer an advantage
  • Physical and emotional stability
  • Calm-natured and patient
  • Team player and ability to handle conflict


  • Assisting with service planning for the kitchen
  • Supporting the chef de cuisine in implementing the defined standards for the kitchen
  • Cooking at the assigned station
  • General organisational tasks

General duties:

  • Reviewing daily duties in consultation with the chef de cuisine
  • Ensuring friendly cooperation between departments
  • Ensuring operations continue even in the absence of the chef de cuisine
  • Knowledge of device functions in the kitchen, etc. in order to be able to offer help and support
  • Compliance with the training and working-time regulations for trainees as well as other laws
  • Checking first-aid equipment is complete
  • Cooperating in creating menus, menus of the day, and seasonal menus

Duties – kitchen organisation:

  • Supporting with monitoring portion sizes, mise en place, equipment and its use, cleanliness of stations, etc.
  • Supervising the operations and the buffet at breakfast
  • Reviewing preparations for evening service
  • Monitoring duties at the pass during evening service (on behalf of the chef de cuisine), arranging plates, and paying attention to the arrangement and cleanliness
  • Ensuring that everything is correctly covered and stored at the end of service
  • Making preparations for the following day, updating the handover book (if you are not present on the following day or have the late shift), and inspecting areas that need to be closed in the evening
  • Checking the correct separation of waste (yellow container, leftovers, organic waste, general waste)

Duties – staff:

  • Employee motivation and development, also across departments
  • Clearly structuring and optimising duties for employees
  • Holding employee annual reviews in the department
  • Hiring and training new employees
  • Inspecting employees (cleanliness, attendance)
  • Creating optimal service and holiday plans (in consultation with other departments or the chef de cuisine)
  • Assigning employees and temporary staff in a cost-conscious manner
  • Supporting with the creation of a positive working atmosphere
  • Assisting with compliance with the accident prevention regulations

Duties – stocktaking/purchasing/cost:

  • Shared responsibility for the cost of goods
  • Purchasing of food and non-food items for the kitchen in keeping with the defined budget requirements in consultation with the chef de cuisine
  • Daily inspection of the cool storage and storerooms
  • Compiling the orders of the individual stations
  • Receiving goods: checking the delivered amounts, quality, HACCP guidelines, temperatures, weights
  • Supporting the chef de cuisine in regularly conducting inventories
  • Monitoring stock and expiry dates, sorting and disposing of spoilt goods

Duties – hygiene:

  • Monitoring cleanliness in the kitchen area and keeping/reviewing HACCP lists
  • Daily hygiene inspections, updating HACCP lists, assigning individual tasks (cleaning)
  • Arranging for all work surfaces and the kitchen area in general to be cleaned and disinfected and inspecting this
  • Planning rotational cleaning work (hygiene plan) and arranging for this to be carried out

Duties – communication:

  • Short daily briefings with all kitchen employees
  • Discussing the daily offering with the stations and passing the information to service
  • Maintaining constant communication with all relevant departments (restaurant, buffet, bars, purchasing)

Behaviour in the workplace:

  • Loyalty to the hotel
  • Maintaining confidentiality regarding business processes and occurrences
  • General discipline and punctuality (role model)
  • Friendliness and fairness towards colleagues and business partners
  • Compliance with working hours
  • The consumption of alcohol is not permitted under any circumstances during working hours! This must also be enforced with all employees.
  • Smoking is not permitted in areas visible to or used by guests.
  • Duty of care towards business property such as equipment, furniture, etc.

Working at Hotel Gemma

What can you expect when you work with us? Two balanced seasons, a family-like working atmosphere, and many other amenities! It is especially important to us to have a trusting and appreciative relationship with one another. After all, our employees are the ones who embody our philosophy every day and turn our first-time guests into regulars.

Your benefits

  • 14 months’ pay
  • Free accommodation
  • Free employee lunch
  • 10% discount at our partner Kessler Sport & Mode
  • 25% discount on equipment rentals at our partner Kessler Sport & Mode
  • Allgäu-Walser Card with numerous benefits
    • Free use of the excellent public transport system in the neighbouring region
    • Free use of the mountain cable cars in summer
    • Discounts on parking spaces and car parks
    • Discounted admission to approx. 200 leisure facilities
    • Reduced admission to events
    • And much more!

Und vieles mehr!

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